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Terraform Output Values

Step-01: Introduction

  • Understand about Output Values and implement them
  • Query outputs using terraform output
  • Understand about redacting secure attributes in output values
  • Generate machine-readable output

Step-02: Basics of Output Values

  • Reference Sub folder: terraform-manifests
  • Understand Output Values
  • You can export both Argument & Attribute References
  • Terraform AWS EC2 Instance
# Initialize Terraform
terraform init

# Validate Terraform configuration files
terraform validate

# Format Terraform configuration files
terraform fmt

# Review the terraform plan
terraform plan 

# Create Resources
terraform apply -auto-approve

# Access Application

Step-03: Query Terraform Outputs

  • Terraform will load the project state in state file, so that using terraform output command we can query the state file.
# Terraform Output Commands
terraform output
terraform output ec2_publicdns

Step-04: Output Values - Suppressing Sensitive Values in Output

  • We can redact the sensitive outputs using sensitve = true in output block
  • This will only redact the cli output for terraform plan and apply
  • When you query using terraform output, you will be able to fetch exact values from terraform.tfstate files
  • Add sensitve = true for output ec2_publicdns
# Attribute Reference - Create Public DNS URL with http:// appended
output "ec2_publicdns" {
  description = "Public DNS URL of an EC2 Instance"
  value = "http://${}"
  sensitive = true
  • Test the flow
# Terraform Apply
terraform apply -auto-approve
Observation: You should see the value as sensitive

# Query using terraform output
terraform output ec2_publicdns
Observation: You should get non-redacted original value from terraform.tfstate file

Step-05: Generate machine-readable output

# Generate machine-readable output
terraform output -json

Step-06: Destroy Resources

# Destroy Resources
terraform destroy -auto-approve

# Clean-Up
rm -rf .terraform*
rm -rf terraform.tfstate*