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Terraform Foundational Policies using Sentinel

Step-01: Introduction

  • Terraform Foundational Policies Library
  • This repository contains a library of policies that can be used within Terraform Cloud to accelerate your adoption of policy as code.
  • This is pre-built sentinel policies provided by Terraform

Step-02: Review sentinel.hcl

policy "aws-cis-4.1-networking-deny-public-ssh-acl-rules" {
  source = ""
  enforcement_level = "advisory"

policy "aws-cis-4.2-networking-deny-public-rdp-acl-rules" {
  source = ""
  enforcement_level = "advisory"

policy "aws-cis-4.3-networking-restrict-all-vpc-traffic-acl-rules" {
  source = ""
  enforcement_level = "advisory"

Step-03: Copy Sentinel CIS Policies to terraform-sentinel-policies git repo

  • Copy folder terraform-sentinel-cis-policies to Local git repository terraform-sentinel-policies
  • Check-In code to Remote Repository
# GIT Status
git status

# Git Local Commit
git add .
git commit -am "Sentinel CIS Policies Added in new folder"

# Push to Remote Repository
git push

# Verify the same on Remote Repository

Step-04: Add new Sentinel Policy Set in Terraform Cloud

  • Go to Terraform Cloud -> Organization (hcta-demo1) -> Settings -> Policy Sets
  • Click on Connect a new Policy Set
  • Use existing VCS connection from previous section github-terraform-modules which we created using OAuth App concept
  • Choose Repository: terraform-sentinel-policies.git
  • Name: terraform-sentinel-cis-policies
  • Description: terraform sentinel cis-policies
  • Policies Path: terraform-sentinel-cis-policies
  • Scope of Policies: Policies enforced on selected workspaces
  • Workspaces: terraform-cloud-demo1
  • Click on Connect Policy Set

Step-05: Review our first Terraform Cloud Workspace

  • Go to Terraform Cloud -> Organization (hcta-demo1) -> workspace (terraform-cloud-demo1)
  • Queue Plan -> CIS-Policy-Test-1
  • Verify the following
  • Plan
  • Cost Estimate
  • Policy Check: Verify what all passed and failed
  • Finally, Disacrd the Run