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Azure - HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate - 70 Demos


Course Modules

  1. Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  2. Install Tools on MacOs, LinuxOS and WindowsOS
  3. Command Basics
  4. Language Syntax
  5. Settings Block
  6. Providers Block
  7. Multiple Providers usage
  8. Dependency Lock File Importance
  9. Resources Syntax and Behavior
  10. Resources Meta-Argument - depends_on
  11. Resources Meta-Argument - count
  12. Resources Meta-Argument - for_each
  13. Resources Meta-Argument - for_each Maps
  14. Resources Meta-Argument - for_each ToSet
  15. Resources Meta-Argument - for_each Chaining
  16. Azure Linux Virtual Machine with Terraform
  17. Resources Meta-Argument - lifecycle create_before_destroy
  18. Resources Meta-Argument - lifecycle prevent_destroy
  19. Resources Meta-Argument - lifecycle ignore_changes
  20. Input Variables - Basics
  21. Input Variables - Assign When Prompted
  22. Input Variables - Override default with cli var
  23. Input Variables - Override with environment variables
  24. Input Variables - Assign with terraform.tfvars
  25. Input Variables - Assign with tfvars var-file argument
  26. Input Variables - Assign with auto tfvars
  27. Input Variables - Lists
  28. Input Variables - Maps
  29. Input Variables - Validation Rules
  30. Input Variables - Sensitive Input Variables
  31. Input Variables - Structural Type Object
  32. Input Variables - Structural Type tuple
  33. Input Variables - Structural Type sets
  34. Output Values - Basics
  35. Output Values - With Count and Splat Expression
  36. Output Values - With for_each and for loops
  37. Local Values
  38. Conditional Expressions
  39. Datasources
  40. Backends - Remote State Storage
  41. Remote State Datasource
  42. State Commands
  43. Terraform Apply -refresh-only Command
  44. CLI Workspaces with local backend
  45. CLI Workspaces with remote backend
  46. File Provisioner
  47. local-exec Provisioner
  48. remote-exec Provisioner
  49. Null Resource
  50. State Import
  51. Modules from Public Registry
  52. Terraform Azure Static Website
  53. Build Local Module
  54. Publish Modules to Terraform Public Registry
  55. Module Sources
  56. Terraform Cloud - VCS-Driven Workflow
  57. Terraform Cloud - CLI-Driven Workflow
  58. Terraform Cloud - Share modules in private module registry
  59. Migrate State to Terraform Cloud
  60. Basic Sentinel & Cost Control Policies
  61. Foundational Sentinel Policies
  62. Dynamic Blocks
  63. Terraform Debug
  64. Override Files
  65. External Provider Basic Demo
  66. External Provider Integrated Demo
  67. CLI Config File on MacOS and Linux
  68. CLI Config File on WindowsOS
  69. Manage Providers
  70. Terraform Functions

Terraform Functions Used

  1. element() function
  2. file() function
  3. filebase64() function
  4. toset() function
  5. length() function
  6. lookup() function
  7. substr() function
  8. contains() function
  9. lower() function
  10. upper() function
  11. regex() function
  12. can() function
  13. keys() function
  14. values() function
  15. sum() function

What will students learn in your course?

  • You will learn to master Terraform in a practical perspective with 70 demo's
  • You will learn each and every concept of Terraform (basic to advanced)
  • You will learn to write and understand Terraform Resource Behavior in combination with all the Meta-Arguments with 15 Demos
  • You will learn each and every way (14 types) you can implement the Terraform Input Variables with 14 Demos
  • You will learn Output Values concept in combination with Terraform Splat Expressions and For Loops with two Meta-Arguments Count and for_each with 3 Demos
  • You will learn in detail about Terrafrom State, Remote Backends, Terraform Cloud Backends and many Terraform State commands with 5 Demos
  • You will learn and implement Terraform CLI based workspaces
  • You will learn and implement all Terraform Provisioners with 4 Demos including Null Resources
  • You will learn and implement Terraform Modules with 6 Demos (Build Local Module, Public to Public and Private Terraform Registries)
  • You will learn and implement two important usecases on Terraform Cloud (VCS-Driven and CLI-Driven Workflows)
  • You will learn about sentinel policies and implement 3 types of sentinel policies
  • You will learn and implement Terraform Dynamic Expressions, Dynamic Blocks and 15 Terraform Functions
  • You will also learn and implement Terraform Datasources, Remote State Datasources and Terraform External Providers and Datasources.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • You must have an Azure Cloud account to follow with me for hands-on activities.
  • You don't need to have any basic knowledge of Terraform. Course will get started from very very basics of Terraform and take you to very advanced levels

Who are your target students?

  • Infrastructure Architects or Sysadmins or Developers who are planning to master Terraform
  • Any beginner who is interested in learning IaC Infrastructure as Code current trending tool Terraform
  • Anyone who want to learn Terraform from a practical perspective

Github Repositories used for this course

Each of my courses come with

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  • Real Implementation Experience
  • Friendly Support in the Q&A section
  • 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

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