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Terraform local-exec Provisioner

Step-00: Pre-requisites

  • Create a EC2 Key pain with name terraform-key and copy the terraform-key.pem file in the folder private-key in terraform-manifest folder
  • Connection Block for provisioners uses this to connect to newly created EC2 instance to copy files using file provisioner, execute scripts using remote-exec provisioner

Step-01: Introduction

  • Understand about local-exec Provisioner
  • The local-exec provisioner invokes a local executable after a resource is created.
  • This invokes a process on the machine running Terraform, not on the resource.

Step-02: Review local-exec provisioner code

  • We will create one provisioner during creation-time. It will output private ip of the instance in to a file named creation-time-private-ip.txt
  • We will create one more provisioner during destroy time. It will output destroy time with date in to a file named destroy-time.txt
  # local-exec provisioner (Creation-Time Provisioner - Triggered during Create Resource)
  provisioner "local-exec" {
    command = "echo ${} >> creation-time-private-ip.txt"
    working_dir = "local-exec-output-files/"
    #on_failure = continue

  # local-exec provisioner - (Destroy-Time Provisioner - Triggered during Destroy Resource)
  provisioner "local-exec" {
    when    = destroy
    command = "echo Destroy-time provisioner Instanace Destroyed at `date` >> destroy-time.txt"
    working_dir = "local-exec-output-files/"

Step-03: Review Terraform manifests & Execute Terraform Commands

# Terraform Initialize
terraform init

# Terraform Validate
terraform validate

# Terraform Format
terraform fmt

# Terraform Plan
terraform plan

# Terraform Apply
terraform apply -auto-approve

# Verify
Verify the file in folder "local-exe-output-files/creation-time-private-ip.txt"

Step-04: Clean-Up Resources & local working directory

# Terraform Destroy
terraform destroy -auto-approve

# Verify
Verify the file in folder "local-exe-output-files/destroy-time.txt"

# Delete Terraform files 
rm -rf .terraform*
rm -rf terraform.tfstate*