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Delegate DNS Domain to Azure DNS

Important Note: DNS Domain

  • This demo requires registered DNS Domain, if you don't have one just please go through the demo to know more about Azure Public DNS Zones

Step-01: Introduction

  • Understand about
  • Domain Registrar
  • DNS Zones
  • Learn to delegate a domain from AWS Route53 to Azure DNS by creating DNS Zones in Azure Cloud


Step-02: DNS Zones - Create DNS Zone

  • Go to Service -> DNS Zones
  • Subscription: StackSimplify-Paid-Subscription (You need to have a paid subscription for this)
  • Resource Group: dns-zones
  • Name:
  • Resource Group Location: East US
  • Click on Review + Create

Step-03: Make a note of Azure Nameservers

  • Go to Services -> DNS Zones ->
  • Make a note of Nameservers

Step-04: Update Nameservers at your Domain provider (Mine is AWS)

  • Verify before updation
nslookup -type=SOA
nslookup -type=NS
  • Go to AWS Route53 (This is my Domain Provider)
  • Go to Services -> Route53 -> Registered Domains ->
  • Click on Add or edit name servers
  • Update Azure Name servers here and click on Update
  • Click on Hosted Zones
  • Delete the hosted zone with name
  • Verify after updation
nslookup -type=SOA
nslookup -type=NS