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Exam Preparation

Step-00: Don't Stop Get Certified

  • If you have completed all the sections from 01 to 16, go ahead and get certified.
  • You will definitely pass the exam with 70 to 85% score with above knowledge.
  • If you expect to score more and more, then you also need to go through below listed Terraform materials once

Step-01: Core Topics

  1. Understand infrastructure as code (IaC) concepts
  2. Understand Terraform's purpose (vs other IaC)
  3. Understand Terraform basics
  4. Use the Terraform CLI (outside of core workflow)
  5. Interact with Terraform modules
  6. Navigate Terraform workflow
  7. Implement and maintain state
  8. Read, generate, and modify configuration
  9. Understand Terraform Cloud and Enterprise capabilities

Step-02: Questions Break down in real exam

  • Total: 57 Questions
  • 40 to 45 questions mostly will be straight forward, concept oriented questions which we can answer if we implemented above 50 practicals
  • Above all the sections in this course will mostly cover you.
  • 12 questions will be absolute practical oriented about asking some basic commands, asking about how to solve this error message etc.
  • Practicals above will be hands-on which gives the ability to solve such questions
  • Out of these 12, 4 to 5 might be super tricky but don't worry about them.

Step-03: Review Terraform Guides

Step-04: Review Terraform Language Documentation