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Terraform on AWS with SRE & IaC DevOps | Real-World 20 Demos


Course Modules

  1. Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  2. Terraform Basics
  3. Install Tools on MacOs, LinuxOS and WindowsOS
  4. Terraform Command Basics
  5. Terraform Language Syntax
  6. Terraform Settings, Providers and Resources
  7. Terraform Variables and Datasources
  8. Terraform Loops, Meta-Arguments and Splat Operators
  9. AWS VPC 3-Tier Architecture
  10. AWS EC2 Instances and Security Groups in a VPC
  11. AWS Classic Load Balancer
  12. AWS ALB Application Load Balancer
  13. AWS ALB Context-Path based Routing
  14. AWS ALB Host-Header based Routing
  15. AWS ALB HTTP Header and Query String Redirects
  16. AWS DNS to DB Implementation
  17. AWS Autoscaling with Launch Configuration
  18. AWS Autoscaling with Launch Templates
  19. AWS Network Load Balancer with TCP and TLS
  20. AWS CloudWatch Alarms for ALB, ASG and CIS
  21. Develop and Reference Terraform Modules locally
  22. Develop Terraform Module from scratch
  23. Remote State Storage with AWS S3 and DynamoDB
  24. Terraform Remote State Datasource
  25. IaC DevOps using AWS CodePipeline

AWS Services Covered

  1. AWS VPC Virtual Private Cloud
  2. AWS VPC NAT Gateways for Outbound Communication
  3. AWS VPC Public and Private Subnets
  4. AWS EC2 Instances
  5. AWS Security Groups
  6. AWS Classic Load Balancer
  7. AWS ALB Application Load Balancer - Basic
  8. AWS ALB Context-Path based Routing
  9. AWS ALB Host-Header based Routing
  10. AWS ALB Custom-HTTP Header based Routing
  11. AWS ALB Query String based Redirects
  12. AWS Autoscaling with Launch Configurations
  13. AWS Autoscaling with Launch Templates
  14. AWS Network Load Balancer
  15. AWS CloudWatch Alarms
  16. AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)
  17. AWS Route53
  18. AWS CodeBuild
  19. AWS CodePipeline
  20. AWS RDS Database
  21. AWS Elastic IP
  22. AWS SNS

Terraform Concepts Covered

  1. Terraform Install
  2. Command Basics (init, validate, plan, apply)
  3. Language Syntax (Blocks, Arguments)
  4. Settings Block
  5. Provider Block
  6. Resources Block
  7. Resource Meta-Arguments (depends_on, count, for_each)
  8. Input Variables - Basics
  9. Input Variables - Assign When Prompted
  10. Input Variables - Override default with cli var
  11. Input Variables - Assign with terraform.tfvars
  12. Input Variables - Assign with tfvars var-file argument
  13. Input Variables - Assign with auto tfvars
  14. Input Variables - Lists
  15. Input Variables - Maps
  16. Input Variables - Sensitive Input Variables
  17. Function: File
  18. Output Values
  19. Local Values
  20. Datasources
  21. Backends - Remote State Storage
  22. File Provisioner
  23. local-exec Provisioner
  24. remote-exec Provisioner
  25. Null Resource
  26. Modules from Public Registry
  27. Build Local Module
  28. For Loop with Lists
  29. For Loop with Maps
  30. For Loops with Advanced Maps
  31. Legacy Splat Operator
  32. Latest Splat Operator
  33. Function: toset
  34. Function: tomap
  35. Function: keys
  36. Module Upgrades
  37. Random Resource
  38. Terraform Import

What will students learn in your course?

  • You will learn to master Terraform in a Real-world perspective with 22 demo's
  • You will build AWS VPC 3-Tier Architecture using Terraform
  • You will build various Load balancers CLB, ALB and NLB using Terraform
  • You will build DNS to DB Architecture on AWS using Terraform
  • You will build Autoscaling with Launch Configuration using Terraform
  • You will build Autoscaling with Launch Templates using Terraform
  • You will build AWS CloudWatch Alarms using Terraform
  • You will implement IaC DevOps usecase using AWS CodePipeline for your Terraform Configurations
  • You will learn in detail about Terrafrom State, Local and Remote Backends.
  • You will learn and implement all Terraform Provisioners
  • You will learn and implement Terraform Modules with 2 types (Public Modules and Local Modules)

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • You must have an AWS Cloud account to follow with me for hands-on activities.
  • You don't need to have any basic knowledge of Terraform. Course will get started from very very basics of Terraform and take you to very advanced levels

Who are your target students?

  • Infrastructure Architects or Sysadmins or Developers who are planning to master Terraform
  • Any beginner who is interested in learning IaC Infrastructure as Code current trending tool Terraform
  • Anyone who want to learn Terraform from a Real-World perspective

Github Repositories used for this course

Each of my courses come with

  • Amazing Hands-on Step By Step Learning Experiences
  • Real Implementation Experience
  • Friendly Support in the Q&A section
  • 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

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