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Terraform Datasources

Step-01: Introduction

  • Understand about Datasources in Terraform
  • Implement a sample usecase with Datasources.
  • Get the latest Amazon Linux 2 AMI ID using datasources and reference that value when creating EC2 Instance resource ami =

Step-02: Create a Datasource to fetch latest AMI ID

  • Create or review manifest
  • Go to AWS Mgmt Console -> Services -> EC2 -> Images -> AMI
  • Search for "Public Images" -> Provide AMI ID
  • We can get AMI Name format
  • We can get Owner Name
  • Visibility
  • Platform
  • Root Device Type
  • and many more info here.
  • Accordingly using this information build your filters in datasource

Step-03: Reference the datasource in

  ami           = 

Step-04: Test using Terraform commands

# Initialize Terraform
terraform init

# Validate Terraform configuration files
terraform validate

# Format Terraform configuration files
terraform fmt

# Review the terraform plan
terraform plan 

# Create Resources (Optional)
terraform apply -auto-approve

# Access Application

# Destroy Resources
terraform destroy -auto-approve