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Terraform Input Variables using Environment Variables

Step-01: Introduction

  • Override default variable values using Environment Variables

Step-02: Input Variables Override with Environment Variables

  • Set environment variables and execute terraform plan to see if it overrides default values
# Sample
export TF_VAR_variable_name=value

# SET Environment Variables
export TF_VAR_resoure_group_name=rgenv
export TF_VAR_resoure_group_location=westus2
export TF_VAR_virtual_network_name=vnetenv
export TF_VAR_subnet_name=subnetenv
echo $TF_VAR_resoure_group_name, $TF_VAR_resoure_group_location, $TF_VAR_virtual_network_name, $TF_VAR_subnet_name

Step-03: Execute Terraform Commands

# Initialize Terraform
terraform init

# Validate Terraform configuration files
terraform validate

# Format Terraform configuration files
terraform fmt

# Review the terraform plan
terraform plan

# UNSET Environment Variables after demo
unset TF_VAR_resoure_group_name
unset TF_VAR_resoure_group_location
unset TF_VAR_virtual_network_name
unset TF_VAR_subnet_name
echo $TF_VAR_resoure_group_name, $TF_VAR_resoure_group_location, $TF_VAR_virtual_network_name, $TF_VAR_subnet_name

Step-04: Clean-Up Files

# Delete Files
rm -rf .terraform*
rm -rf terraform.tfstate*