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Exam Registration

Step-01: Exam Registration

  • Exam is conducted on PSI Exam platform
  • Pre-requisite-1: You should already have a account on so you can use it. The email you have used for github, you should have access to that same email id to check emails. Hashicorp via PSI Exams will communicate on that email id.
  • Pre-requisite-2: Create your account on youracclaim with same email id so when you have completed your exam and certified, your badge will be posted to youracclaim so you can share the same in social media platforms like linkedin, and also have a record of your badge online.
  • Register for Exam
  • Once registered, email confirmation will be sent to you.

Step-02: Review Exam Taker Handbook

Step-03: System Requirements

  • Very very important.
  • Do all the things a day before
  • System Requirements
  • Click here to test your system's compatibility
  • If you are on MAC, you need to provide additional permissions when it asks to run system check like
  • Connect Webcam or your laptop inbuilt cam
  • Connect Microphone (No Head-Phones)
  • Connect wired ehternet line to your laptop or dekstop for good internet speed
  • As a fail back internet, enable mobile hotspot on your mobile and put that outside your room to avoid distractions
  • Install PSI Secure Browser

Step-04: Exam Day

  • Login 45 mins before to PSI Exam platform
  • Exam Launch URL will get enabled 30 mins before scheduled Time
  • Complete the checks

Step-04-01: First Time checks

  • System will ask you for these checks
  • Identity Card Verification
  • 360 Degree Room View
  • Hand Sleeves and Ears check

Step-04-02: Second Time Checks

  • Online Proctor will communicate with you chat and perform these checks
  • Identity Card Verification
  • 360 Degree Room View
  • Hand Sleeves and Ears check

Step-04-03: Proctor will Release the Exam for you to Start

  1. Don't tense.
  2. Be cool and start answering questions
  3. If you have any doubt about any question, Click on Flag Button so we can come back later
  4. Don't Flag many questions later difficult to check all of them.
  5. Exam Time: 60 Minutes Questions: 57
  6. I took 35 minutes to complete all the questions due to the fact most of the questions (40 to 45) will be straight forward.
  7. Review the questions which you flagged and answer them.
  8. Complete the exam
  9. Complete the Survey questions
  10. You will get the status of your exam (pass / fail)
  11. Email will be sent to you by youracclaim with your badge information
  12. Email will be sent to you by HashiCorp about your score report