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Multiple Provider Configurations

Step-01: Introduction

  • Understand and Implement Multiple Provider Configurations

Step-02: How to define multiple provider configuration of same Provider?

  • Understand about default provider
  • Understand and define multiple provider configurations of same provider
# Provider-1 for EastUS (Default Provider)
provider "azurerm" {
  features {}

# Provider-2 for WestUS Region
provider "azurerm" {
  features {
    virtual_machine {
      delete_os_disk_on_deletion = false # This will ensure when the Virtual Machine is destroyed, Disk is not deleted, default is true and we can alter it at provider level
  alias = "provider2-westus"
  #client_id = "XXXX"
  #client_secret = "YYY"
  #environment = "german"
  #subscription_id = "JJJJ"

Step-03: How to reference the non-default provider configuration in a resource?

# Provider-2: Create a resource group in WestUS region - Uses "provider2-westus" provider
resource "azurerm_resource_group" "myrg2" {
  name = "myrg-2"
  location = "West US"
  provider = azurerm.provider2-westus

Step-04: Execute Terraform Commands

# Initialize Terraform
terraform init

# Validate Terraform Configuration Files
terraform validate

# Generate Terraform Plan
terraform plan

# Create Resources
terraform apply -auto-approve

# Verify the same
1. Verify the Resource Group created in EastUS region
2. Verify the Resource Group created in WestUS region

Step-05: Clean-Up

# Destroy Terraform Resources
terraform destroy -auto-approve

# Delete Terraform Files
rm -rf .terraform*
rm -rf terraform.tfstate*